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Welcome to Brisbane Neuropsychology Clinic.

We are committed to providing high quality assessments and reports.  We primarily specialise in neuropsychological evaluation, but have assessment and intervention skills in a range of areas.

The main purpose of neuropsychology is to provide an understanding of cognitive functions and how they may be impacted by various conditions.  The assessment involves seeking to understand what has happened through interview and evaluation with cognitive tests.  A formal report is also written and you are welcome to attend a feedback session to help you to fully understand your test results.  

Common situations where neuropsychological assessment can help include:

  • Understanding how memory and thinking have changed following a brain injury or neurological event

  • Understanding how cognitive changes could impact on work, study and everyday life

  • Identifying strategies to help you cope with cognitive deficits that are identified

  • Exploring whether memory concerns are likely to be due to a range of other possible conditions, such as mood and normal ageing

We are happy to receive referrals from a range of sources, including medical practitioners, solicitors and other statutory authorities. 

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