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Neuropsychological assessment can help you to understand your client's complaints and concerns, and provide an objective evaluation of cognitive skills, compared to normative data.  So, it can help you to know if your patient's memory is within the expected range for their age, whether there are other issues impacting on memory (such as depression) or whether the pattern of performance is consistent with a specific organic condition.  

Rehabilitation / Workcover / Insurers

Thorough neuropsychogical assessment can help you understand if there is a demonstrable cognitive impairment as the result of brain injury.  Information about function can assist with return to work decisions, and provision of support and aids to cope.  

Dept of Veteran's Affairs

Debbie is a registered provider of neuropsychological assessments for DVA.  Please ensure that you let us know that DVA is involved, so that your appointment can be made with the appropriately registered provider.

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