Team Members

Rebekah Randall

Rebekah has worked as a neuropsychologist for several years, and specialises in cognitive assessment in traumatic brain injury. Her assessment can help understand the reasons for cognitive difficulties, by thorough and comprehensive assessment of possible reasons.  This can help answer questions such as whether the person can return to work, and what type of support they need.


Michelle Livock

Michelle is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and completed her postgraduate training and PhD in neuropsychology at the University of Melbourne. She specializes in neuropsychological assessment for children and teens to assess Intellectual Disability, learning disorders, neurodevelopmental conditions such as ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder, and cognitive functioning in the context of brain injury or neurological conditions. Michelle also conducts in-school or in-residence behavioural assessments. Assessment results are combined with supporting information to provide tailored recommendations and strategies to best support the individual and their family. 


Debbie Anderson

Debbie was inspired to study neuropsychology as she was fascinated with individual differences in memory, and how to improve function.  She enjoys meeting a range of people, and helping them to understand their cognitive function. She has extensive work experience in dealing with a range of diagnostic issues, including complex differential diagnoses.  She also has extensive experience in the medicolegal field (see for referrals)

Debbie's vision is for a clinic that provides a comprehensive service, through the collaborative efforts of the team members and a strong mentoring experience to newer members of the profession 


Kaitlin Meyer

Kaitlin administers some tests at Brisbane Neuropsychology Clinic, under Debbie's direction.  Her role is to ensure that they are administered accurately, and scored correctly.  This means that she plays an important part in gathering the information that is so vital to a neuropsychology report.


Cilena Goody

Cilena is most likely the first person you will have contact with, and you will feel reassured by her helpful and friendly disposition.  She keeps our office running smoothly.


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