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Intellectual Assessment

Often applications for NDIS support need evidence from psychological testing.  We are here to help you with that.  Essentially they fall into the following main categories, and they apply to both adults and children:


Neuropsychological Assessment

This is a comprehensive assessment of cognitive function, including memory, intellect and problem-solving.  It would be appropriate in cases where there was an acquired or developmental difficulty.  For example, traumatic brain injury and learning disorders would be the main categories.  We can provide a thorough assessment of all relevant areas of function, our psychologists understand that this can be a tiring and upsetting process, but they aim to make the tasks enjoyable and focus the evaluation on understanding the challenges that are faced.  We will write a detailed report for you to submit as part of the NDIS assessment process.


Intellectual Assessment

This is a shorter assessment, as it focuses on evaluation of intellectual level and adaptive function.  This type of assessment is suitable for people where intellectual disability is suspected, or previously diagnosed.  We will need to explore the developmental and educational history, and ask carers to complete a questionnaire.  Our psychologists are focused on helping the assessment process to be a pleasant and enjoyable one.  We will provide a detailed report to submit as part of the assessment process.

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