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It's really important to start with medical investigations - to examine for brain bleeds / contusions etc and neurological symptoms.

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PCS Symptoms

Many of the acute symptoms (such as dizziness and nausea) resolve pretty quickly - usually in the first few days or weeks.  However, when they persist longer they may be considered symptoms of Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS).

Cognitive Concerns

People with PCS often report problems with memory or concentration.  Sometimes their thinking is "foggy" so they can't reason through problems or solve problems.  This makes it hard to consider going back to work or study.  Neuropsychological assessment can help pinpoint if there are any cognitive problems, and identify how they should be addressed.

Psychological support

Research shows that early  and effective psychological management can help promote good recovery.  We start with the assessment of cognition and mood, and go from there.  Often people with PCS are very worried - what will happen to them at work, financially and in their social life.  Good psychological support when you need it can help you through this tough time.

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