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Work With Us

We want to expand our wonderful team - are you the right fit?

We value independence and evidence-based practise, and a passion for neuropsychology.  

Clinical Neuropsychologist

We welcome endorsed Clinical Neuropsychologists to apply to work with us.

You might want to dip your toes into private practice or start a new chapter of your career - either way we can help.

Options include: subcontracting or room hire if you already have referral sources

Email here:

Treating Psychologist

We really need a psychologist to treat our clients!  All of our neuropsychologists love to assess but are not so keen on treatment - so there is a big need.  The kinds of presentations we see most are adjustment to injury and functional overlay/somatic focus.  There is a strong need for evidence-based treatment in this area.  

We welcome anyone to apply who has interest and skills in this area - Health, Clinical, Neuro etc!

So if you ever wanted to get started in this area - even just a session a week - (or more!) - talk to us

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